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Sep 12, 2010 11:00pm PDT
nubes veremos el compacto completo en unos minutos en mexico, infantes de marina detuvieron hoy a sergio en mexico, infantes de marina detuvieron hoy a sergio villarreal barraÁn, alias en mexico infante de marina arrestaron a un capo de la mafia. >> el vocero de gobierno fue capturado el grande con dos personas mas. >> de acuerdo un analisis las cesarias son mas caras en hospitales lucrativos. >> la mayoria de las cesaria no son porque se necesiten sino porque sería mas comodo para elllos. >> un grupo de aventureros nadaron por las aguas calidas de la bahia para dar apoyo de los mineros que estan bajo tierra . >> el organizador dijo que tiene mucha creatividad por los mineros. >> espero que sepan que estamos con ellos y con mis amigos. >> el dinero que se recaudo sera enviado a las familias y si usted quiere participar de esta noble causa ingrese a la pagina de internet. >> fresco en la hora de la mañana. >> durante mañana el dia lunes mayormente soleado con temperatura alta: 65°f baja: 54f . >> en cambio lejos de nosotros . >> tendremos dos dia de nubes. >> vamos a continuar co
Sep 25, 2010 4:00pm PDT
street. e have thembaradero -- now we have the embarcadero and marina. this map is the infamous lipofaction map. the green areas are the areas that will have potential lip ofaction. that is a loss of strength of material when it is subjected to vibration. it can occur in sand and silt. those have to be saturated or below the ground water level. you can almost type dismount tie t --tie this map -- this area right here is the same as this one. it is all silt and will liquefy. the marina is in this area here. you can correlate the advancement of the shoreline of san francisco with the potential for liquefaction. >> it is a perfect example. it is all sold and liquefaction. >> treasure island is unique. it was originally developed to be the location of the world fair with the understanding that once it was finished, that would become the location of san francisco international airport. it is 11,000 feet long. in those days, the thought that was more than enough to land any conceivable airplane. they thought it was ideal. they said that we have all kinds of sand out in the bay from th
Sep 7, 2010 7:00am PDT
happened to the marina. over here if the san andreas goes off, it will shake twice a po what the marina shook and twice as long. think of the the marina and that's the best case for your neighborhood. >> okay. come on over and have a seat an we'll talk about buildings, you house and what kind of problems you might have and what you can do to help solve your problems at home. i have on our screen some typical san francisco buildings most of the buildings in san francisco are wood frame, over 90 percent. typically they're light weight and relatively strong, generall strong. in most cases, wood buildings are strong because they have lo of interior partitions as well. >> there's a lot of flexibility when i'm pushing you, the building the flexible, he's moving around. >> right. >> so this type of building is great as long as there isn't critical flaws. >> which is the good thing to see what is a g. >> gravity. you weigh 100 percent of gravity. >> that's me. >> if lawrence weighs 100 pounds, one gravity down means he weighs 100 down. an earthquake is creating horizonal acceleration this way a
Sep 16, 2010 6:00pm PDT
important area. >> thank you. >> i am resident of the marina. the thought of live entertainment hicksites me a lot. this is really needed in the neighborhood. if this was thursday, it would be detrimental to the whole culture of the area. >> thank you. >> unfortunately, i had to leave early. i am a business owner and a patron of fillmore. being able to keep the business opened is critical. this motion is not only important for the club but it will benefit union street which we all know needs work. this will allow us to create more jobs that are needed and also to have more hotel customers. thank you. >> thank you. >> there are a lot of bars in this area. the restaurants, you have this parsing and you have the restaurants in between. i support everything and everyone has said. thank you. >> i was born and raised in the marina. my family has three restaurants on the block. i am one that has been around there forever. i have seen them come and go. wednesday, they have loud music going on right across the street. i'm nervous as well. the noise level is at the front of the house not at the back.
Sep 7, 2010 11:00am PDT
will be pronounced >> how many people were in san francisco in 89? anyone in the marina in 89? >> if you were in the main portion, the ground excelleration was 90 percent. if you way 100 pounds, the pound moved with 9 pounds. if the hay ward fault goes off, most of san francisco will feel 20 to 25 percent, the marina which will shake 30 percent. so if the hay ward fault goes off, san francisco will shake 3 or 4 times harder than in 89 and twice as long. >> the haward fault has return cycles plus or minus 10 for the last 140 years. the last was 1868. we are 140 years since the last haward fault went off. so, i would say, it's pretty likely it won't slip within the next 10 years. that will give you ground shakesing 3 to 4 times as last time. >> we have, pat and i and i couple of other people have run a program how to prepare in your life and home with problems related to an earthquake. that's not what our discussion is today. it's more of a global policy issues. one is proximity to the fault. how certain are geo technical engineering that the actual proximity of the fault is in fact going to af
Sep 27, 2010 3:00am PDT
in the marina medal school, my cat ran away, i'd be pissed. team behavior, be calm. you don't want to be excited and crazed. be systematic, demonstrate by example. if you are calm and cool and under control, people will see you are there to help. if you act like a maniac, they are going to act like a maniac. pails yourself. you are going to reach a point where you had enough. take some time out, take the whole group, have a seat away from whatever you are doing and just take a break. that was part of the things they found in oklahoma, they blew that thing up and all the disaster service people were sitting there taking a break, you know, they worked 12 hour shifts, 12 on, 12 off, but their break area was right across the street. the whole time they were taking a break, they were sitting there thinking they ought to be helping. so were they really getting a break in no. do something else. think about something else. pace yourself. emphasize teamwork, make sure everybody on the team is aware of the plan and if you are helping somebody, make sure they are aware of the plan. that's important. becaus
Sep 14, 2010 4:00pm PDT
name is alexandra dixon and i've lived in the marina calhalla neighborhood since i was 6 years old and my family has always had pets. i'm a private person that shops at pet food express. i also shop at a lot of buteex. i would like the option for pet food express to come to the neighborhood. i don't know if they have a dog wash and if they did, i would wash my dog there. that's something nobody offers except wags. i don't see incompatibility between pet foods and boutiques. i recently spent $50 at a beautiful hand-made leash on union street. i bought a gorgeous dog bed at another boutique. i buy most of my dog food at b&b pets. i drive to a lot of these places to shop there so it's not a neighborhood issue for me, but a question of variety and choice in this economy, if pet food express is offering lower prices, i think that's a value to your constituents. but as far as the price matching and predatory pricing is concerned, i know that's theoretically an option, if i walk into a pet food express and say, b&b pets offers this cheaper but it's difficult to go to a store, find out wha
Sep 19, 2010 11:30pm PDT
. nuestro enviado especial edgar muÑoz nos muestra las imÁgenes. >> los helicÓpteros de la marina se paran en los techos de las casas para rescatar a las personas atrapadas por los grandes caudales de agua que dejÓ en su paso del huracÁn carl. la situaciÓn es desesperante, los rÍos cubrieron de agua extensos territorios, autos sepultados, caminos desaparecidos, puentes caÍdos y cientos de casas al borde del colapso. son varias colonias bajo el agua. >> elementos de marina hacen operaciones riesgosas para rescatar a la gente pero es la Única manera de salir de aquÍ porque el agua les ha llegado hasta el techo. >> la angustia se refleja en la cara de la gente. la familia figueroa fue levantado del techo de su casa por elementos de la marina, los niÑos y un perro venÍan con los padres que llevaban dos dÍas atrapados en el agua. >> porque no habÍan venido antes? >> porque nos dijeron.... >> n. tierra la situaciÓn se ve peor, el gobierno aporta lanchas para llevar vÍveres pero para sacar a la gente que pide ayuda ante el temor de que el agua suba de nivel. >> les dio tiempo a sacar
Sep 4, 2010 5:30am PDT
increase or decrease. and look at the marina that has a capacity of about 1000. it has about 800 kids are now. we are projecting it to have 430 kids in a few years. is that intentional? why are we doing this? why are we trying to make a school with a large capacity have such a small enrollment? the minimum is 420. francisco is in the same category but it is not as drastic as what i saw with marina. >> thank you for the question. i would urge that you not take these estimates very seriously. there are a huge number of caveats that i did not put down here. what we were truly trying to develop was the question of whether there would be enough space at each middle school for incoming fifth graders who would be assigned to it according to the elementary that they attend. the answer is yes. the thing is that these are rough estimates are based on the rate at which children have moved from fifth to sixth grade in the district over the last four years. this is called a great progression rates. we measured grade progressions for each of the elementary attendance areas over the last four years.
Sep 9, 2010 12:39pm PDT
saved the marina the boat pumping the water out put the fires out in the marina. you want to stop, look, listen and think. you size up the situation this is what we do in the fire department. you look at it. is it a little fire. a candle burning. do i get the fire extinguisher. is it a big fire can i put it out. >> it would cover the area the size of a table. anything bigger or high are than your head it's too big for you to put out with an extinguisher. wait until everybody is out. it's best to work in pairs. make sure you are the last one out of the room. do not lock it. avoid smoke and gases. cover your mouth and nose with a towel or sheet or dry cloth. if you have a jacket, if there is a flame on the way out put clothes on or wrap yourself in a blanket the layer of clothing will give you protection. have an emergency plan for earthquakes and fires. elevators, a safe place to be? always take it is stairs. when you go down the stairs hang on to the hand rails you will have people bump into you. pay attention to the floors, you have fourth floor, third floor, in case the lights go ou
Sep 18, 2010 4:30am PDT
. the marina sea walls and great aquatic park. the palace of fine arts. we wouldn't have and a little further in, lake merit, this pier. alva rado park and then, some of you my recognize this. the berkeley rose garden. did it have to be this beautiful. finally, i'm going to wrap up. san francisco is rich in the various kinds of arts projects. we have a fabulous collection of stuff here. there were four components. there was visual arts, federal theater, federal musics and federal writers. they employed many people. this is excellent to show the work. the visual arts project. it was especially important in san francisco because of dieggo rivera and radicalizing it. this is the coit towers. this was done under cw a. 1934. the wpa wasn't in existence. this is the very first of the relieve projects. harry hopkins said, they have to eat too. the artists should dig ditches like everybody else. this is antonio brinko. millions of americans got to hear live music for the first time. this is the federal theater project. this is maxine albroro. it's been destroyed and one of my favorites done by helen
Sep 12, 2010 11:30pm PDT
♪ >> duro golpe al narcotrÁfico mexicano, la marina capturÓ a unos de los cabecillas de los beltrÁn leiva. >> autoridades de san bruno california intentan identificar los restos humanos encontrados entre los escombros tras la explosiÓn de gas. otras cinco personas continÚan desaparecidas. >> inmigrantes indocumentados que alguna vez fueron detenidos en arizona logran conseguir sus permisos de trabajo. >> se ultima los detalles para la celebraciÓn del bicentenario de la independencia de mÉxico. ♪ >> este es su noticiero univisiÓn fin de semana. >> bienvenidos a nuestra segunda ediciÓn de noticias. >> gracias por compartir con nosotros, gobierno mexicano asestÓ otro golpe contundente al crimen organizado, capturÓ a sergio villarreal, uno de los capos del cartel beltrÁn leiva. fue capturado con dos cÓmplices cuando salÍa de una residencia en la ciudad de puebla. >> la captura de sergio villarreal, es un nuevo y contundente golpe del gobierno federal al crimen, dada la alta peligrosidad de jerarquÍa de esta persona en una de las organizaciones criminales mÁs extendidos e
Sep 18, 2010 6:30pm PDT
nosotros este sÁbado. >> bienvenidos a esta ediciÓn de noticias. helicÓpteros de la marina rescatando damnificados, cinco fallecidos y otros desaparecidos. lluvia, mucha lluvia. a pesar de que karl es tiempo pasado sus daÑos estÁn presentes en territorio mexicano. recorrimos las poblaciones mÁs afectadas. >> asÍ es, ha pasado el huracÁn karl. en su trayecto ha dejado mucha destrucciÓn, hay comunidades anegadas, la gente en esta zona, en esta comunidad viviÓ momentos de zozobra, mucho temor porque jamÁs se esperaban un meteoro de esta magnitud. >> las campanas de la iglesia replicaron para convocar al cuerpo porque estÁn en alerta porque el agua les entro por todos lados por el paso de karl que entran categorÍa tres para luego convertirse en depresiÓn tropical. >> fue horrible. >> la casa de carmona quedÓ bajo el agua. alcanzaron a subir aparatos electrodomÉsticos a los techos. >> al ver esto, dan ganas de llorar. >> como no, es triste todo esto. >> el huracÁn pasÓ por esta zona entre tarde el, san francisco, la antigua, la comunidad. ha quedado devastada. hay casas inun
Sep 19, 2010 6:30pm PDT
la magnitud de la tragedia. [♪mÚsica♪] >> los helicÓpteros de la marina se paran en los techos de las casas para rescatar a las personas que se quedaron atrapadas por los grandes cautales de agua que dejÓ el huracÁn en el estado. la situaciÓn es desesperante. la situaciÓn es desesperante. autos sepultados, caminos desaparecidos, puentes acaÍdos y cientos de casas al borde del colapso. >> elementos de la marina hacen operaciones riesgosas para sacar a la gente. es la Única opciÓn. >> la angustia se refleja en el rostro de la gente que ha sido desalojada. la familia fue levantada del techo de su casa. dos niÑos y un perrito venÍan con los padres que llevaban dos dÍas y medio atrapados. >> por quÉ no se habÍan venido antes? >> porque dijeron que iba a llegar mÁs arriba el agua. estÁ subiendo. >> les pasÓ algo a ustedes o no? >> no, todo bien. >> en tierra la situaciÓn se ve peor. el gobierno y particulares aportan lanchas para llevar vÍveres pero sobre todo para sacar a las personas. hay gente que sale con lo primero que encuentra. algunos animales y documentos important
Sep 19, 2010 11:00pm PDT
the street the highrice apartment building is built on sand. much of the findings are expected. the marina area is landfill and so is the financial district. russian hill is bedrock. but there are some surprises. despite what many believe much of pacific heights is sands, along with most of the city. we showed the maps to people in the area. many said they thought. >> that pacific heights was all rock. so that's surprising to see that it isn't. it's not true. >> but even more surprising is this area just a few blocks away. stan card lives along this block. >> living on rock, solid rock. >> not according to the map. this area is actually color coded red or landfill. the same type of soil that's in the marina. some other unexpected findings. seismologists say that a two storey wood frame building will have the same damage whether it is on sand or landfill. >> so that means that for those homeowners who live on sand, which is most of the city, i would say get rid of the false security. >> get rid of the false security. >> the map could ultimately change building codes throughout san francisco
Sep 27, 2010 1:00am PDT
. >> started in 1990. the citizens of the marina district came to the fire department and asked for a program to survive for 3 days. there is a 70 percent chance we will have a 6.5 earthquake. 71 large fires. 40 major rescue operations. [inaudible]. rescue operations there were 34 structure fires we need 275 engines to handle this. we have 41. you will be on your own and we should be prepared. we will go over the merge training program. part of the training program is helping you make the decisions that will save lives. in this situation this person carrying a pail of water to put out the fire will not put out the fire. how many people have used a fire extinguisher before. >> may be 10 percent of you. by the end of the week you will be putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. you don't want to learn out to house an extinguisher when they big fire is in front of you. when you turn off your natural gas and water. hazardous materials will be talked about next week. 35-40 percent of you. you will find out that all of you have hazardous material in your home. the third week is disaster medic
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 343 (some duplicates have been removed)